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Introduction of AMOTA(97/04/05)

Recent Activity of AMOTA(2001/06/24 update)

Up-Coming Event(2001/07/25 update)

Photo Gallery concerning Leonids(98/12/06)

Visual Observations data
Per 2001(2001/08/15 update)
Qua 2001(2001/01/06)
Leonids 1999(99/11/23 update)
Perseids 1999(99/08/19 update) Eta Aquarids 1999(99/05/09)
Lyrids 1999(99/04/24) Geminids 1998(98/12/26)
Leonids 1998(98/11/21) Giacobinids Oct.1998(98/10/11)
Perseids 1998(98/08/15 update) Qua Jan.1998(98/01/06)
Detected radiant point of Giacobinids.(98/05/04)

Textbook for Leonids Meteor Shower, 2nd edition(97/10/25)

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